Possible Dental Health Issues in 2017

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January 9, 2017
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Dental prosthesis dentures prosthetics work. Dental students while working on the denture false teeth a study and a table with dental tools.

Like all other industries, the Dental Care Industry is maneuvering through the changes sweeping the country. Centered primarily around Health Insurance issues, Dental Care is adopting strategies that have been working in other industries and adapting to technological changes that are improving treatment options for their patient care.

Alternative/ Voluntary Benefits are rising in popularity. The packages are fairly simple. As a response to rising medical costs, these packages give the individual the ability to save on routine exams and procedures such as Dental Care, Vision, Hearing and Medical Bill Negotiation. These types of health discount plans may increase in popularity and availability. Businesses might even jump aboard this year by offering these discount plans to their employees to enhance benefits packages.

Also in the News,  a recent study from King’s College in London tested an Alzheimer’s medicine that had an interesting side effect. The drug stimulated stem cell growth of dentine around the pulp of teeth, conceivably making it possible to regrow teeth. Testing is currently underway using low-powered lasers to stimulate the dentine and could be offered as an additional service. This opens up the possibility of enhancing dental treatments and actually growing teeth naturally.

Another innovation that seems ready to take hold this year is teeth whitening pens. While they have been around and most major oral care manufacturers offer different versions, it seems that their convenience is finally catching up with the mainstream. Used mostly as a product that will offer a quick last minute touch up to your smile, 2017 may be the year that convenience is king. Peroxide is the main ingredient and like other over the counter products, can be purchased easily.

Lastly, while Medical Insurance has been constantly in the news, Cost is the issue that will be most addressed. Most Insurance plans do not cover Cosmetic Treatments and Implants. Some practices are experimenting with health-care savings accounts and in-house dental practice payment plans, making treatments much easier for general patient groups.

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