Attaining the Perfect Smile Without Compromising Your Natural Teeth

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At Beverly Hills Dentistry, we apply an approach designed around achieving the perfect smile while preserving the integrity of your natural teeth. Our smile design process ensures that your veneers are flawlessly aligned and seamlessly integrated, resulting in a natural-looking smile that feels just as good as it looks.

The Consultation

Our journey begins with a virtual or physical consultation to evaluate your readiness for veneers. During this process, we will review your dental history, discuss your aesthetic goals, and create a comprehensive outline with detailed steps. This step ensures that we are aligned with your expectations from the very beginning.

Photography and Impressions

For the next step, we will take detailed photographs, videos, and impressions of your teeth. These tools are essential for the design process, allowing us to create a smile makeover that aligns perfectly with your facial features and aesthetic goals. Over a two-week period, we will use these impressions and images to develop a facially-driven design that enhances your natural beauty.

Try-On Session

You will then return to our office to try on the initial proposed design, crafted from an acrylic material. This session provides an opportunity for you to give feedback and for us to make any necessary adjustments. Your input is important during this step in ensuring that the final result meets your expectations.

Conservative Preparation

During the preparation process, we are as meticulous and detail-minded as possible to preserve your natural teeth. Once the preparation is complete, we fabricate a set of temporaries based on the final design discussed in previous steps. This approach reduces the amount of unnecessary work and ensures a precise fit.

Design Confirmation

After a week with the temporaries, you will have a follow-up call with our team to confirm your satisfaction with the design and progress so far. If everything meets your goals, we proceed with fabricating your custom veneers using high-quality porcelain material.

Custom Fabrication

Our team collaborates closely with our world-class dental lab to ensure that the veneers meet our stringent standards of craftsmanship. The fabrication process takes 4 to 6 weeks, during which we perform thorough quality control checks.

The final step involves the meticulous cementation of your veneers to ensure a strong, lasting bond. We treat this process with the same attention to detail as the preparation, ensuring the highest quality outcome. Follow-up checks and visits are scheduled to ensure your continued satisfaction with your new smile.

At Beverly Hills Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing a high-tech, personalized smile makeover experience that enhances your natural teeth without compromising their health. Contact us today to start your journey toward a perfect, natural-looking smile!

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