Feeling Discomfort from a Previous Veneers Procedure, What do I Do?

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When you have any cosmetic dental procedure done, the result should be that it looks natural, as if you were born with a smile that others will admire so much. Film and TV stars are self-confident enough that they are willing to admit that to be ready for those close-ups, they have had cosmetic enhancements. One of the most popular is veneers, thin pieces of hard dental porcelain that are attached to the front of teeth that may have been chipped, are misshapen, or are discolored and not responding to even professional whitening.

The Quality of Veneers You Get Depends on the Dentist

Unfortunately, too many general dentists claim to be specialists in the art of cosmetic dentistry when they lack the training, experience, and understanding of the materials and techniques for a successful outcome in placing veneers.

The Most Common Areas of Concern

It is not uncommon for patients to come to Beverly Hills Dentistry to fix a whole range of problems with something as seemingly straightforward as attaching veneers to teeth that are an embarrassment when the individual smiles. The issues can include veneers that stick out too far, shading that does match the underlying teeth, cavities that have developed around the edges, and even ones that have fallen off because of inadequate bonding.

The Best Veneers Can Last for a Long Time

Done expertly, veneers should last about 10 years, making them very cost-effective. And from the start, they should always be comfortable so that you never really think about them, except when you brush and floss.

Alas, improperly done, veneers can be quite uncomfortable, even painful. This is inexcusable because you need to have a trail set made of resin so that you can feel what it will be like when you get the permanent ones. The dental lab that will craft the final versions from the impression mold that the dentist sends should not start until you have tired the temporaries and given your approval. It’s also possible that a poor fit is due to the dental practice using an inferior discount lab to save money (and there may be communication problems if it is overseas).

It is also possible that the dentist did a poor job of the actual placement, so that while the porcelain veneers were properly crafted, they were not bonded in the right position.

But if the discomfort or pain was not a problem when you began wearing them, it may be that the dentist did not warn you that personal habits could change the fit, such as chewing on pens, pulling off clothing with your teeth, eating ice, or biting into very hard foods and those that require a lot of chewing, such as certain meats, corn on the cob, and sticky candies.

A physical exam might also reveal that the ache is due to an imperfect fit at the “margins,” where the veneers meet the teeth, and there is gum inflammation.

Whatever the source of the discomfort with your veneers, call Beverly Hills Dentistry today to set up a full dental examination to determine your best options for a more comfortable veneer experience with the help of recognized experts. We also see patients in the surrounding areas of Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Westlake Village, and more.

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