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The Revolutionary Way to Achieve a More Youthful Smile

Beverly Hills Dentistry offers a revolutionary new way to enhance your smile with LipLase, an FDA-approved laser treatment that stimulates the lips to produce their own collagen and become fuller and youthful looking.

LipLase is non-surgical and non-invasive, using laser energy  to plump up lips naturally and make them look more aesthetic. Collagen is the protein that provides structure for tissues such as skin, muscles, nerves, cartilage, hair, nails, and even bones. As we age, collagen becomes less dense and at the same time less elastic, while reducing in volume, all of which affect the lips by making them look thinner and flatter.

Cosmetic surgery for those who once had fuller lips and those who were born with thin ones produces results that do not last very long due to having even healthy supporting tissue removed in the process. Dermal fillers also use artificial materials such as silicone or polymers.

Lasers are preferred for a range of facial cosmetic treatments, from smoothing wrinkles to repairing sun damage, because they are very safe and result in fast recovery, allowing almost anyone to return to their normal activities much more quickly than after surgery.


At the start of a LipLase session, a small amount of gel is applied to smooth lines and reduce unnatural puffiness, with 20-30 minutes required to target both the inner and outer lips with mild laser heating (this is not painful and involves no needles, but you can request numbing in advance).

Most patients find their lips have a more youthful appearance shortly after the initial treatment, but an additional 3-4 more sessions at least two months apart produce the best results as part of a smile makeover, and can last up to six months after the final treatment.

Afterward each session, you can put on lipstick immediately and should use a tinted moisturizer and SPF 15 sunscreen until we advise otherwise.

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