Missing a Front Tooth? Dental Implants May be Your Answer

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Losing teeth can be stressful and result in problems when eating. You’ll immediately want a solution to stop the pain and replace the tooth or teeth.

One common way to replace missing teeth is through dental implants. They look and feel natural, are strong and restore the whole tooth structure. They also could last forever, meaning you’ll never have problems with the tooth.

But while implants are popular for teeth replacement, they are mostly used for the rear teeth. So what if you have lost the front teeth? Are implants ideal?

Are Implants Ideal for Replacing Missing Front Teeth?

Yes! Dental Implants are great for front teeth. At our Beverly Hills Dentistry office, we offer exemplary front teeth implants. Our front teeth implants offer the following benefits:

  • Installing implants is simpler: we will not have to grind down the adjacent teeth to place crowns like in dental bridging
  • They give you better chewing power

A great dental implant experience starts with understanding why you need the implants. First, we need to know why you want an implant: is your whole tooth gone, is the tooth damaged or decayed? 

The information is important since dental implants rely on the bone for grounding and acting as an anchor. In most cases, there is insufficient bone surrounding the front teeth compared to the back of the mouth. We will take detailed images of your jaws to draw a concrete solution.

If the bone mass in your frontal jaw is inadequate; we will perform a bone graft before giving you the implants. Grafting adds bone to the area to reinforce and bolster it. After this, we will fit you with a dental implant and implant crown to replace your missing front teeth.

Remember the affected tooth must be removed before implants.

Are Front Teeth Dental Implants Perfect for You?

While dental implants are ideal for many people, they are not the best for some people. Thankfully, our front dental implant treatment plans are customizable and will be tweaked to fit your wants and needs.

A few things are reviewed before creating a treatment plan.

  • Gum health – if your gum is poor, we will address it before proceeding with the implants. While implants don’t get cavities, the surrounding area must be clean and healthy.
  • Tobacco use – recovery for non-tobacco users is at 95% compared to 85% recovery for tobacco smokers.
  • Medical history – we will appraise your medical records, though a dental implant process is a minor in-office surgery.

Get the Best Front Teeth Dental Implants at Beverly Hills Dentistry

Our Beverly Hills Dentistry services are geared towards each patient’s needs and maximizing the smile makeover experience.. We aim to restore your perfect smile in no time. Our experienced personnel are aided by state of the art dentistry technology to give you the best services. Call us today for specialist consultation, we serve a variety of areas, including North Ranch, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and beyond.

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