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Everyone in Southern California has to compare the smile they have with the gleaming ones of celebrities they see on their small or large screens. What most people don’t realize is that all of the stars have had upgrades from whatever they were born with and there is no reason you can’t have a beautiful smile at a non-celebrity price. At both our Beverly Hills and Thousand Oaks offices, we are experts at smile makeovers customized to your goals.

Smile Makeover Consultation

It starts with the initial consultation to evaluate what your smile’s positive attributes are (you might have already had orthodontic treatment as a child) and what the challenges are for having the perfect smile of your dreams (your teeth may not be responding to over-the-counter whitening products). Our dentist will do a full examination to determine if there are oral health issues, such as periodontal disease, which need to be addressed first. A digital x-ray (which involves minimal radiation) will reveal the health of the teeth and the jawbone.

Professional Teeth Whitening

If everything looks in good shape, we will find out what your goals are and discuss the steps you could take first. Let’s first consider whitening, since it is common that even the most vigorous efforts to remove darkening of teeth just don’t work. We can offer two ways to guarantee a dramatic and quick improvement. The first is having the whitening done while you sit in a comfortable dental chair for an hour or two, during which we can remove eight or more layers of discoloration while you listen to your favorite music or watch a movie.

Dental Veneers

But even a professional whitening is not adequate for some teeth. There is an alternative that is also used for teeth that have been chipped or cracked, are crooked or misshapen, or have gaps between them: veneers. These are thin pieces of dental porcelain that look like natural teeth and can be given the exact shade of neighboring teeth. They are crafted by a dental lab and attached to the front of those which need these covers.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns of dental porcelain can protect teeth that have fractured or been damaged by unconscious grinding while sleeping. Both our locations can produce these while you wait with our CEREC machines that can make a perfectly fitting crown based on a 3D digital image.


If you have teeth that need significant straightening, we can set up a program to provide personalized Invisalign plastic trays or aligners, new ones sent as your teeth straighten, reaching the goal much more quickly than traditional orthodontic braces and without the dietary restrictions.

Dental Implants

If you have one or more teeth that have fallen out or need to be extracted, dental implants are the best solution. An implant is a biocompatible screw that is inserted in the empty socket and allowed to heal for a few months. It is then attached to a dental crown so that you can flash a full smile with no one knowing that it wasn’t the one you were born with. Implants can be a permanent solution with proper care. 

Call for an appointment to find out what your best options are for a smile makeover in Los Angeles. You can also start with a virtual consultation form if you are considering traveling in from outside the area.

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