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Do you have crooked, chipped, or misaligned teeth? Wondering what is the next step in getting them repaired? You have options to discuss with your dentist! Here are two options:

Veneers or Orthodontic Treatment?

 Orthodontic Treatment – Invisalign The orthodontic treatment of Invisalign is non-invasive treatment plan aimed at correcting crooked or misaligned teeth to create a beautiful, even smile. Invisalign utilizes clear aligners that are custom fitted to your mouth and will adjust your teeth over time. This is an advantage over braces because you do not have to worry about noticeable wires and brackets that may cut the inside of your mouth or be uncomfortable. Another pro is that orthodontic treatment can help you avoid certain health issues. Did you know that crooked teeth increase the chances of having teeth decay or periodontal disease? Misaligned teeth can also cause issues such as headaches, TMJ problems, neck pains, earaches, tooth loss and gum recession.  When it comes to cost, even though orthodontic treatment might be more expensive than individual veneers, it is a long-term treatment that should last you a lifetime. With veneers, you might need replacements, or corrections, which will cost you even more than getting the orthodontic treatment. However, treatment usually takes from 1 to 3 years whereas veneers can be done in just a few visits. 


 Before committing to getting Veneers, you should know that it is an irreversible treatment and the dentist will take off some of your natural enamel in the process. The veneer will be bonded to your tooth’s vestibular surface and replace your removed enamel. What is more, veneers are temporary; after 5-12 years you will most likely need to replace your veneers as their quality weakens. Such restoration is made of very thin materials, which are very susceptible to chipping or breaking and with the replacement, the treatment becomes very expensive. However, veneers masks misaligned, stained, discolored, worn-down or gapped teeth, which effectively hides orthodontic problems.  Most importantly, veneers are not the solution for your health issues related to bite or misaligned teeth, and merely fixes purely cosmetic issues. You would only need 2 or 3 visits to change your smile dramatically.  You and your dentist should weigh all the pros and cons of each option and recommend you which treatment would benefit you the most and fit your dental health goals better.  Visit us at Beverly Hills Dentistry and set up your consultation with our highly-qualified dentists to help make your decision between Veneers or Orthodontic Treatment. They will offer you the best treatment plan that is possible for your individual case. You can call us at (310) 589-3148. 

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