What Should You Know Before Receiving Snoring Treatment In Thousand Oaks?

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Did you know that 40% of men and 24% of women snore habitually?

Snoring is a problem with far-reaching pitfalls, such as impeding your interpersonal relationships, day-to-day mood, overall wellness, and quality of life.

If snoring is a persistent problem you face, you might need to consider the snoring treatment options discussed below:

Why Do People Snore?

An involuntary snoring habit can impact you beyond the hours you spend sleeping in bed. Over the past few decades, research has proven that snoring is often connected to broader health-related implications. 

To the above point, snoring can stem from chronic sinus problems, a deviated septum, allergies, enlarged tonsils, swollen turbinates, and nasal polyps. 

One of the more severe conditions accompanied by snoring is sleep apnea. 

During bouts of sleep apnea, those afflicted can stop breathing. They are also often irritable, dreary during the daytime, and prone to bouts of insomnia. 

Fortunately, snorers don’t have to settle for the diminished health outcomes caused by snoring anymore. Instead, they can receive advanced medical treatments that mitigate their problem and deliver the best possible long-term health outcome.

Potential Snoring Treatments in Thousand Oaks

There are several possible snoring treatments in Thousand Oaks for patients seeking improved sleep and enhanced overall wellness, such as:

If a CPAP device is too uncomfortable or ineffective, Beverly Hills Dentistry can offer several options. A nightguard can be worn during sleep at night to prevent damage to the teeth. This is also known as a Mandibular Advancement Device, which is customized to keep the airways open.

We also provide the Vivos system, which can broaden the airways over a period of 18-24 months after application. Patients who have experienced this treatment have noted an improvement in breathing within a few weeks.

Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Snoring

Before receiving medical treatments, it’s possible to reduce–if not entirely eliminate–snoring through weight loss and exercise (if you’re overweight). You can also try sleeping on your side, raising the head of your bed by four inches, stopping drinking alcohol, or quitting cigarettes.

We’ve had many patients make those day-to-day changes and avoid needing more intensive and invasive treatments.

Provided the above lifestyle adjustments don’t minimize your snoring, try contacting Beverly Hills Dentistry for snoring treatment in Thousand Oaks.

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