Why Both the Hollywood and Natural Smile Style is Popular with Celebrities

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Celebrities who live at the center of the entertainment universe, many in or near Hollywood and Beverly Hills, have set the global and especially local standard for attractive appearance. It’s no secret that few of them were born perfect in every way and plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry have been generously utilized to improve on what Nature gave them.

Whether you are a business executive or a retail clerk anywhere, people make quick judgments about how appearance is related to personality. A full smile makes others feel like you are a friend, so it is the most important way to make a great first impression, whether being introduced on the street, in a job interview, or on a date set up by friends or online, especially in Southern California.

The silver screen comparison may not be fair, but everyone here is more aware of what a great aesthetic smile looks like because no one will grin on camera with discolored or crooked teeth. The only real question is: do you want a gleaming Hollywood or a more natural Beverly Hills smile? The former initially set the standard, but came to be regarded by many as too dazzlingly. As with cosmetic surgery, the trend has been towards a refinement that makes enhancements seem as if you were born that way.

A Smile Makeover Sets the Standard

The first step in a cosmetic smile makeover has always been porcelain veneers, because they resist stains and can last 10 years or more with proper care, including semi-annual cleaning by a dental hygienist. These not only can provide a wide array of choices as to the shade (and whether this is applied only to the teeth at the front that are most visible when you smile), but veneers can cover chips and cracks, close gaps, and improve the size and appearance of crooked and misshapen teeth. Veneers are so common that celebrities have not hesitated to confirm the gossip, including George Clooney, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, and Hilary Duff.

Whitening is another alternative, but over-the-counter whitening kits take weeks to provide modest improvement that doesn’t last long, so many turn to professional teeth whitening because it can remove eight or more shades with just an hour or two in the chair.

There are other dental technologies that can give you whatever your vision of a perfect smile is, including Invisalign trays that straighten teeth without braces, crowns that protect teeth from damage, and implants that replace missing teeth. But whether your crowd or your customers will be more impressed by a Hollywood or a Beverly Hills smile is for you to choose (and both remain popular among celebrities). 

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