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If you are lucky enough to call yourself a Los Angeles resident, and you are ready to make your smile match your image – Beverly Hills Dentistry is your next, best move.

We are the premier cosmetic dentistry provider in the greater Los Angeles area because our services are transformative, innovative, and personalized.

Transformative Cosmetic Dentistry

At Beverly Hills Dentistry we work hard to transform an ordinary smile into a Hollywood smile. Even with a healthy set of teeth, we are able to coax out a gleaming smile that makes you camera ready in just a few visits.

Our most popular transformative procedures include:

Professional Teeth Whitening: Need a touch-up? Our professional teeth whitening can take your teeth from faded to a brilliant white in one setting.

Tooth Restoration: we take stained, chipped, and broken teeth and restore them to their former brilliance, while carefully matching them to your existing set, for that natural-looking smile.

Invisalign: Have a great foundation but just need adjustment? Invisalign can coax your teeth to their best alignment, giving you your best, all-natural smile.

Veneers: If other methods won’t work, veneers are simple and effective ways to make your smile its best.

Dental Implants: In need of a total dental makeover? Dental implants are solid, effective, and permanent solutions to a total teeth makeover.

Innovative Cosmetic Procedures

Here at Beverly Hills Dentistry, we stay on the cutting edge of new cosmetic dental procedures, so you know when you come to us, you’re getting the very latest in cosmetic dental care. We use technology to give you the best assessment and treatment you will find anywhere in the Los Angeles area.

Digital Assessment: Our digital suite of services for assessment (Digital x-rays), imaging (Smile Vision, Intraoral Photos, Tek-Scan), and decay detection (Diagnodent) are the best in the business. All work in tandem to give you the best view of your existing smile and show you a vision of where it can be.

High-Tech Treatments: All of our crowns, onlay and inlays us CEREC technology, giving you your best smile, in just one visit. We use laser dentistry and tooth whitening, for the most advanced treatment anywhere and our air abrasion system offers a non-invasive way to prep your teeth without painful scratching.

The Little Details: Hi-Tech service doesn’t stop there, our sterilization system is also high-tech, offering biological monitoring for accuracy.

Personalized Dentistry Experience

But in reality, none of that matters if you aren’t happy enough to show off your smile to the world – and our clients do just that – just check out our Smile Gallery to see some of our proudest fsmiles created so far.

Better yet, contact Beverly Hills Dentistry today to discover how we can give you the smile of your dreams.

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