If You Were a SmileDirect Patient, Take Advantage of a Free Virtual Consultation

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As has been widely publicized, SmileDirectClub filed for bankruptcy in September 2023 because of being $941 million in debt. It failed to find a buyer during its Chapter 11 proceedings, so it shut down in December, leaving customers without the ability to finish their treatment with removable, clear aligners to straighten crooked teeth.

The good news is that if you have been a SmileDirect customer, Beverly Hills Dentistry is offering a free virtual consultation to determine the best way to give you the perfect smile that was your goal. Call us now to set an appointment for this consultation: 310-652-8383.

The American Dental Association has been critical of SmileDirect from its launch in 2019 because it was claiming that bites that were misaligned could be treated successfully without involving a dentist. Every set of teeth is unique and it is common for permanent ones to emerge and replace baby teeth in a way that crowds those already there, which is why so many teens have their back molars (wisdom teeth) removed. Our ancient ancestors needed very strong teeth in larger mouths because they had diets that involved  more foods that required hard chewing, but as diets gradually included softer foods, our mouths adapted.

Straightening Teeth the Gentle Way

Gently straightening teeth is a complicated process that needs to be guided by a dentist who can make careful judgments in person periodically about what needs to be changed to reach the goal of having a bite and smile that you can be proud of, whether using traditional braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign has many advantages over braces because the aligners (biocompatible plastic trays) can be removed before eating, so there are no dietary restrictions and teeth and gums can be more easily cleaned.

As you may know, dentistry and other medical specialties have found that it is very helpful to have an online (virtual) consultation before coming into the office for a physical exam or treatment.

Digital Scanning Technology

Beverly Hills Dentistry uses digital scanning to create an impression mold of your teeth that makes it more accurate, less messy, and can be transmitted electronically to Invisalign immediately, speeding up the process. The average Invisalign treatment takes about a year, compared with braces, which can require one to three years.  

For more information on Invisalign, see our photos and discussion of the process and benefits.

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