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“The Spa Treatment”
We want to make sure our patients are relaxed and enjoy each experience with BHD whether they are waiting in the lobby or getting treatment in the chair. We offer the following amenities:
  • Complimentary tablet in the lobby
  • Access to Wifi throughout the office
  • Refreshment Bar-Complimentary coffee, tea and snacks in the lobby
  • Universal cell phone charger in the lobby and every operatory
  • Ceiling TVs with access to Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and Amazon Video
  • Sound Canceling Headphones
  • Pandora Radio (variety of channels so you can enjoy your favorite artist)
  • IV Sedation (Sleep while we transform your smile)
  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to relax you
  • Support pillows (for neck, back, and under knees)
  • Sleep Masks to block the light out to relax and ear plugs to suppress noise
  • Plush blankets
  • Aromatherapy
  • Lip balm
  • Moist toilettes to freshen up after treatment
  • Access to the Smile Lounge for your Smile Makeover visit

Botox and Restylane
Dr. Kevin Frawley provides cosmetic treatment to enhance your confidence and beautiful smile.

This is a great product we offer that helps reverse numbness of the anesthetic by more than half the time (ie most patients have reported feeling completely back to normal in a hour or less). If you really dislike being numb, have found that you are the person that is numb for hours on end, or you have a meeting, presentation, or speech at some point after your appointment we highly recommend using this, it won’t disappoint!

This is an antibiotic placed in the pockets to fight infection which improves gum and overall physical health. This product is most often used during a cleaning.

Bacteria and Oral DNA Testing
These are tests that give us the types and levels of bacteria in your mouth and let us know if you are pre-disposed or have genetic markers to important things like periodontal disease, bone loss, and deep pockets. By having this information it gives us insight about your dental issues and enables us to provide the appropriate course of treatment and medication to treat and improve them. This is important because periodontal issues are systemic and ultimately connected with the whole body.

We offer a number of orthodontic retainers and guards. Invisalign, night-guards, snore-guards, and under-armour sport-guards are all effective ways to help move your teeth into better alignment, not grind, decrease the sound of snoring and help with sleep apnea, and protect your teeth while playing sports.

Before Your Visit
We supply you with pre-pasted toothbrushes if you want to brush your teeth before your visit. If you are a patient that needs to pre-medicate we will have that ready for you prior to taking you back and give you more antibiotics in preparation for your next visit.

Post-treatment Care
After procedures we provide cold compresses and pain medication to make sure our patients are comfortable. For any additional medication we will call your pharmacy and fill prescriptions before you leave our office so they are ready for pick up as soon as possible for your convenience. We educate our patients with post-treatment instructions and call you the following day to ensure your well-being and satisfaction with your visit. After all cleaning appointments we give our patients complimentary toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss.

Weave Communication System
This is a system we use to confirm patient appointments via email and text message, process requests for appointments from patients, send our quarterly newsletter/annual Christmas card.

Insurance Billing
Insurance can be confusing and difficult to deal with. We understand that and provide the handling and processing of all claims for you. We have seasoned billers who verify and update your dental insurance annually or whenever you let them know it has changed, pre-authorize treatment for you at your request, and make sure you are able to maximize your benefits and that your claims get paid on time.

Our Social Media
We use Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter,, and Zoom to connect with you. We like to communicate with and “like”, “friend”, and “follow our patients to get to know them better outside of the office and encourage the same for our patients.

Our Dental Products
We have a large selection of luxury dental care products. With items like electric toothbrushes and waterpiks, you will have access to a better warranty with the manufacturer since we deal with them directly. If there is a problem or defect with the product you bought from us, we will handle the communication and return the item to the manufacturer for you, which makes it a hassle-free experience.

Patient Appreciation
Your referrals are the highest compliment we can receive. We are always accepting new patients and want to show you our thanks for trusting us to take care of your family and friends. We give dental certificates which can be applied to services and products as well as other gifts.

24 Hour Care
In case of an emergency after hours, you can call our office and will be connected to our answering service. They will page our Doctors who will then get back to you as soon as possible to ensure your concern is addressed and treated. If necessary our Doctors will come in to see you on the weekend.

Referrals to Excellent Specialists
We have great relationships and work with Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, and Periodontists in the Los Angeles area. We will be happy to set up appointments for you and communicate with the other office through your treatment so that x-rays, information, and reports, are shared between the specialist and our Doctors.


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