Is it Normal for Veneers to Fall Off?

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Dental veneers are thin pieces of biocompatible material and are very popular as a way to cover many smile issues, from teeth that don’t respond to whitening or are irregularly shaped to any that have been chipped or are too far apart and need the gap closed.

Those made of porcelain, the ones we create at Beverly Hills Dentistry, are far superior in their natural appearance and durability compared with those of composite resin that many other so-called cosmetic dentists offer based purely on price. In the long run, porcelain veneers are the far better value.

The bigger problem is that far too many dentists claim to be specialists in veneers, when they have very little experience, especially when problems almost inevitably come up. These can include veneered teeth sticking out unnaturally, to the veneers having a shade that does not match the teeth that are not being covered by them.

Some Habits do Cause Veneers to Fall Off

According to WebMD, it is unlikely that veneers will simply fall off, yet we do have patients come to us where this has repeatedly happened. In some cases, the dentist did not make clear that habits like biting nails, chewing on pens, eating ice cubes or hard foods, or taking clothes on or off using teeth could cause veneers to come off.

This can also happen because the patient grinds her or his teeth while sleeping and is unaware of this. But a qualified cosmetic dentist can notice the resulting wear-and-tear and check about this, so that the teeth and veneers could have been protected with a custom-made mouthguard. An inadequate exam might not have revealed other underlying problems that needed to be treated first, such as decay or periodontal disease.

Poor Dental Technique Reflects on the Results

But the primary reason veneers fall off is the dentist’s poor technique. This can start with an overly aggressive approach to shaving the tooth, so that not enough is left to provide a stable platform to which the veneer would be attached.

Some offices treat the cementation process lightly when it is a stage that is as equally important as the rest of the steps. By treating this process with the utmost care and preparation with professional standards, it will help create a result that more aligns with your aesthetic goals.

If more than one veneer falls off and is not reattached so that it stays on, it is important to get it re-checked and treated immediately. If you want a second opinion about what to do to achieve the smile you deserve, start with a phone or virtual consultation with our team today!

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