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Marylou Parra

Title: Front Office

Time at HD: I have been with BHD since my internship in February of 2015 and then hired on April 1st … which I’m glad was a real offer and not an April fool’s day joke lol

Family/Hobbies/Interests: I am a proud mother of 2 girls Danielle (11) who loves to read and is a HUGE Harry Potter & Hamilton fan. I am so proud she is in 6th grade reading at a high school level. She is an amazing big sister to our Lily (6) who is smart, sassy, loves to sing, dance and everything that is artistic and expressive. I am also a stepmom of 4, my husband Fred and I truly have our hands and hearts full of joy as our children are our unconditional happiness and motivation. Nothing is more peaceful and soothing to me than waking up early enough to still catch the stars shining, the birds singing, the sun rising with a morning hike or the sound of a running stream or ocean waves.

Dental Philosophy: Having 20 years of customer service experience, I have always valued being able to assist and resolve whatever issues I am tasked to handle. Coming into the dental field here at BHD and being part of transforming someone’s smile or relieving them of any discomfort which may have led them to come into our office, to begin with, is not only life changing for them but for myself as well.

I very proud and passionate about sleep health as we work with our patients to identify, educate and treat any possible sleep disturbances. We take pride in being an advocate and partnering with our patients for good oral an overall health. It feels amazing to be able to be part of a team which dedicates and invests so much time, training and tools to be able to provide the highest level of quality of work & care for our patients.


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