3 Ways CEREC Crowns Deliver Value to Your Cosmetic Treatment

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One of the most important aspects of a smile makeover is placing dental crowns over teeth that have been chipped, cracked, ground down, or are misshapen. They are a much stronger and more comprehensive solution than veneers, since they can hold even fractured teeth together. Crowns can also replace missing teeth in a dental bridge or a dental implant.

The best crowns are made of porcelain and can be made exactly the shade of the neighboring teeth, or you can have the crown match the results of professional teeth whitening that can take off years of darkening in an hour in the dental chair.

However, traditional crowns typically took a couple of weeks for a dental laboratory to craft.

First, the cosmetic dentist had to take molds of the teeth that needed crowns using a gooey and bad-tasting impression material that could not always get the details exactly right. This would affect both the temporary crown you would be given when leaving and the permanent one that came back from the lab. You might have been uncomfortable with the results for a month if it had to be redone and found it hard to gingerly chew or clearly speak in the meantime.

The second problem with the crowns that most dentists still use is that they require being in the dental chair numbed for an extended time at least twice, one for the exam and impression and then the return for the fitting. That means perhaps taking off work or making arrangements for a babysitter or school pick-up multiple times.

Beverly Hills Dentistry is one of the few local practices that uses the advanced technology for one-visit crown-making called CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Crowns). Of course, multiple crowns require more time to make and place. This makes it much better in every way to get the crown you might need urgently, for three reasons:

1) Time saved: You will be examined, have the impression made, and the crown fabricated in a single visit, thanks to the on-site CEREC process. First, an infrared camera captures the digital impression of the damaged tooth and our CAD/CAM computer produces a model for the crown that is exactly what you want and need. This is sent to the in-office milling machine, which will carve the crown out of dental porcelain. It is then polished, stained, glazed, and hardened in a furnace to strengthen it before placement and adjustment.

2) CEREC’s process is much more exacting and far less messy than for conventional crowns and the result is so accurate that the fitting is easy and quick by comparison. That means you have more protection for damaged teeth when you get out of the chair, there are no eating restrictions, and you can speak normally immediately.

3) CEREC’s availability in our office means you don’t have to make plans for two extended visits. You make the appointment as soon as you need to have this done and walk out with a new smile. 

Call us today to explore your first steps to a cosmetic makeover with CEREC crowns.

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