A Perfect Gift for the Holidays: Why Choose a Smile Makeover

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Stumped about what to give a family member or best friend who seems to have everything except their uniquely perfect smile? A cosmetic makeover by Beverly Hills Dentistry at both locations will not only be a total surprise, it will cause them to fully smile, perhaps for the first time, when they gradually realize just how much it will change their life.

How can a new smile change someone’s life? It boosts self-confidence, allows anyone to flash a friendly smile even to strangers, and makes a first impression better on a first date or at a job interview.

Everyone in Southern California has their smile constantly compared to those of celebrities, whether on small screens or large, billboards or magazine covers. Yet many of the stars don’t mind admitting that they were not born with those gleaming grins (this helps them connect with fans) and that Beverly Hills Dentistry is world-famous for getting them ready for those close-ups.

These are examples of how a variety of makeover procedures can turn a very flawed smile into one so beautiful and bright that few could imagine it would be possible: https://beverlyhillsdentistry.com/smile-gallery/

The First Step

The process starts with a full exam, not only of the inside of the individual’s mouth, but how their smile would best match their entire face. This is not only a science, but an art that requires tremendous experience to determine the goals and the procedures needed to transform the teeth and the face at the same time.

A quarter of Americans who now are receiving orthodontic treatment to straighten crooked teeth are adults, because they were too embarrassed to wear conventional braces as teens. They also heard from friends about how uncomfortable they were and the severe dietary restrictions. But now, Beverly Hills Dentistry can offer Invisalign, customized plastic aligners to achieve the same goals, which can be removed when eating, and that also makes cleaning teeth and gums much easier, improving oral and overall health.

Treatment Options

Professional whitening to whatever shade any patient desires can remove deep stains from coffee, tea, red wine, and dark foods and drinks. You can remove up to eight layers of discoloration in an hour relaxing in a dental chair while listening to music or watching a movie.

Veneers are thin pieces of dental porcelain that can be placed on the front of teeth that have been chipped or slightly cracked, are still discolored even after whitening, are misshapen or have a gap between them.

Dental crowns can cover teeth that have been fractured and need to be held together or to keep teeth from further damage which have been ground down while sleeping due to stress. They look exactly like natural teeth and can also replace the visible part of a tooth if it has been lost or had to be extracted, then connected to a dental implant. This is a biocompatible screw that is inserted into the empty socket and allowed to integrate with the jawbone before the crown is placed on top. Crowns can be made in a single visit because we have a CEREC machine that digitally manufactures them from a 3D image of where it will be placed in your mouth. 

If you would like to know more about giving a smile makeover as a gift to someone for the holidays or to yourself anytime, call us now.

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