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Because so few of us grew up understanding just how challenging it is to keep our mouths healthy, most of us had several cavities as children and as young adults already were battling gum disease. Because the importance of the right techniques for brushing and flossing are not always clear, before you know it you can find your teeth losing the support of their gums and needing to be extracted.

We are In-Network with Delta Dental

One way to keep your dental bills lower is not only practicing excellent dental hygiene but having dental insurance. Beverly Hills Dentistry is part of the network that covers members of Delta Dental, which covers 85 million Americans, one-third of the total with dental insurance. There are many plans to choose from, either as part of an employee healthcare package or as an individual.

Treatments and Services Covered

Some basic services are free in all plans, such as the twice-yearly full examination by your dentist and on the same schedule a professional cleaning by your dental hygienist, as recommended by the American Dental Association. Take these opportunities to ask questions about how you can improve your oral health practices, such as the right way to brush and floss, whether you should use a special mouthwash or toothpaste or add a water flosser to your routine.

When it comes to treatments and repairs, such as for cavities, to replace lost teeth with dental implants, or to put a crown on a broken tooth, there may be a portion that Delta covers up to an annual maximum for the dollar amount or frequency. There may also be a deductible applied each year, depending on your plan.

Personal Action Plan

If you need to understand the details of your Delta Dental plan, create a personal account on its website where you can check your benefits and change your plan, if you wish. You can also call Delta to ask for clarification and if you need further help, ask human resources if your company is paying for the insurance, or you can discuss questions with our staff at Beverly Hills Dentistry.

You do not need to file claims, so you never have to wait for a check, but you can track your claims on the site.

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