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A child’s smile can develop in as quick as the blink of an eye. For this reason, it is vital that routine dental checkups begin as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts. Here at Beverly Hills Dentistry, we strongly believe a dentist should be able to monitor your child’s smile as soon as it begins to develop to ensure it grows in healthily. The American Dental Society recommends children experience their first dental visit at least six months after the first tooth appears or no later than you child’s first birthday.

Having your child feel comfortable, safe and secure during their first visit is vital to developing a healthy attitude towards dentistry. Here at Beverly Hills Dentistry, we are happy to walk your child through their entire visit, while educating them on what to expect and what each tool is used for during their appointment. Our Beverly Hills Dentist believe this is important to help create healthy and strong oral hygiene habits.


In certain cases, a pre-existing fear of the dentist can still be difficult to overcome regardless of our tactics. This fear of dentist is known as dentophobia. This fear typically stems from a lack of control in the dental chair rather than the idea of possible pain. In fact, modern advances in dentistry now allow most every dental procedure to be virtually pain-free. Concerns regarding your child’s dental fear should be vocalized to our Beverly Hills Dentist so we may be able to accommodate you accordingly.



Here at Beverly Hills Dentistry, we understand that keeping calm at the dentist can sometimes be easier said than done. In certain special cases or during specific procedures, we like to utilize the benefits of nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Once nitrous oxide makes contact with oxygen, it acts as a sedative agent. This gas has been proven to be very safe and effective when administered by a professionally trained expert such as our Beverly Hills Dentist. Laughing gas is known to assist with relaxation in nervous and anxious patients.


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