Stefanie – Veneers

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Stefanie came to our office with the concerns in regards to her front teeth. “my 2 side teeth are too small and there is a space between my front teeth.” She also complained of bleeding gums when brushing and flossing. Stefanie has what are called “peg laterals,” which are when the 2 teeth next to the front teeth (lateral incisors) are undersized. This condition is relatively common. She also had moderate gingivitis (gum inflammation) and the beginning of periodontitis (gum disease).

Because it is important to have healthy gums before beginning any restorative work, Stefanie underwent deep scaling and root planning and improved her oral hygiene. We then did cosmetic gum recontouring on her 2 lateral incisors to make room for larger porcelain veneers. Stefanie also wore Essix aligners to close the space between her 2 front teeth. Once closed, we prepared and cemented veneers for her 2 lateral incisors. We made her a final Essix aligner for retention and to protect her veneers from any possible grinding forces.