The Effects of Lip Position and How a Smile Makeover can Help

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An attractive smile boosts your self-confidence and improves how other people perceive you. People with a strong smile are more likely to be viewed as friendly, competent, and trustworthy. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, a smile makeover can transform your appearance. One thing that affects your smile is your lip position; here’s what you need to know.

The Impact of Lip Positioning on Your Smile

Lip position refers to the shape of your mouth. The shape of your mouth is affected by the alignment of your lower and upper teeth. 

If your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth, this is known as a retrusion. When your lower teeth are positioned so they overlap with your upper teeth, this is called a protrusion.

Both a retrusion and protrusion alter the appearance of your smile and can make them less aesthetically pleasing. Extreme protrusions and retrusions can dramatically impact the attractiveness of your smile. 

Fortunately, there are treatments that shift the alignment of your teeth. A smile makeover involving Invisalign can give your teeth a more attractive alignment.

How Gingival Display Influences Your Smile

Gingival display refers to the amount of gum tissue that’s visible when you smile. Along with lip position, the amount of gum tissue that you display also influences the appearance of your smile. A smile that displays too much of your gums can be something many patients want to change. 

While it may seem like the positioning of your lips affects how much of your gums show, this isn’t always the case. It is possible that a bad bite causes too much of your gums to be visible, but it’s also possible that you just have too much gum tissue or that your gums are inflamed, causing the gum tissue to swell and be more visible. 

Infected gum tissue can be remedied by treating the underlying infection. Treating any bite problems that cause the gum tissue to be more visible will also improve your smile. If you have a surplus of gum tissue, a procedure known as a gum lift can remove the extra tissue and restructure your gum line. Regardless, a smile makeover, which includes veneers, and Invisalign, can be a definitive solution.

Get Started on Your Smile Transformation

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