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Choosing dental implants is one of the most effective ways to restore your smile and improve the health of your teeth. It is also perhaps one of the biggest dental care decisions most people make in their lives. That is why it is critical to understand exactly what type of implant you are getting.

How Dental Implants Differ

Dental implants consist of three main parts: the actual implant, an abutment, and a crown. The implant is the part that forms the foundation of an implant-supported tooth and is generally screwed into the bone. The abutment provides the connection between the implant and the final crown. The crown is the external part. It is the tooth that you actually see. 

The abutment, or connection, is where implants differ. Unbeknownst to many clients, dentists distinguish between two types of abutments – custom and standard. 

Standard abutments are also known as stock abutments because they are pre-fabricated by dental implant manufacturers. They may fit very well into the implant, but they rarely manage to shape the gum tissue properly. As a result, the crown can appear unnatural. As a patient, you may notice dark margins around the bottom of the tooth. 

Custom abutments solve that problem. They are made in a dental laboratory based on an impression of the surrounding gum tissue. Custom abutments follow the shape of a normal tooth more closely than standard abutments. They form the perfect base for your crown as well as attaching nicely to the implant. These custom abutments are better suited to supporting the gum tissue, and the esthetic result is more natural.

What These Differences Mean for You

First and foremost, custom abutments will leave you with a more natural-looking smile. You will notice the difference of your smile makeover whenever you look in the mirror. Perhaps more importantly, though, your teeth and gums will be easier to clean. 

The dark margins surrounding the standard abutments we mentioned above are not only a cosmetic dental concern –  in addition, they can make it difficult to keep your gums hygienically clean and healthy in the long term. 

Standard abutments may be convenient and save some time when you receive your implants. But think about the long term: custom abutments will help you enjoy your new smile for longer through healthier, well-cared-for gums. Your smile is worth it! Our professional team serves patients from two locations in Beverly Hills and Thousand Oaks. Whether you are coming in from the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or Westlake Village, we can help. Schedule a consultation today!

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