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As the global center for filming movies and television, many celebrities live and work in Southern California. To get ready for their close-ups, whether for tiny mobile screens or giant electronic billboards, they know their smiles need to be perfect. But few stars are born with five-star teeth and many of them are delighted to let everyone, especially their colleagues, know which dentists have the knowledge, experience, skills, and technology to create gleaming smiles.

The Global Standard for Cosmetic Dentistry

Beverly Hills Dentistry is known for setting the global standard for dental procedures, from veneers and dental implants to cosmetic smile makeovers and full-mouth reconstructions. Doctors Kevin, Michele, and Shawn Frawley, Dr. Chintan Patel, and the whole team from the front desk to our dental hygienists work closely together to exceed the expectations of all our patients.

We know that many of them could go anywhere in the world they want and need, so they ask their friends and no matter where they live, they often get a trusted referral to Beverly Hills Dentistry. Word-of-mouth powers interest from all types of patients, but they can also check out our reviews and look at the results we produce in our smile gallery here.

The Role of Advanced Technology

Our advanced technology plays a critical role in every aspect of our treatments, which is another reason why so many of the super-successful choose Beverly Hills Dentistry:

  • Digital X-rays: These provide immediate images without the radiation of traditional X-rays and can reveal a hidden cavity or whether an infection has eaten away some of the jawbone, which will require a bone graft before dental implants can be placed, for example.
  • Intraoral Digital Photos: These show you what the inside of you mouth looks like, magnified so you can easily see where you might need help.
  • Diagnodent: A pen-like detector of tooth decay.
  • Tek-Scan: An advanced way of digitally analyzing the timing and force of the bite and how teeth, crowns, bridges, veneers, aligners, etc., impact each other.
  • Smile Vision: for cosmetic imaging.
  • Easy Shade: electronic color-matching system for choosing a shade for teeth and ceramic restorations.
  • CEREC-CAD/CAM: Able to produce porcelain crowns, onlays, and inlays while you wait.
  • Laser Dentistry: for everything from whitening to surgery without bleeding and with minimal discomfort.
  • Digital Anesthetic Delivery: a syringe that electronically controls numbing for less discomfort.
  • Isolite: a bite rest for your jaw during procedures.
  • Air Abrasion: a drill-less way to prepare teeth for procedures without heat, vibration, or pressure.
  • State-of-the-Art Sterilization: the most up-to-date and accurate sterilization procedures.
  • Multimedia Patient Education: explains all procedures with images and easy-to-understand terminology. 

Call Beverly Hills Dentistry to set an appointment to explore your options to create your uniquely perfect smile. We serve patients throughout the Los Angeles metro area, including Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and other cities.

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