A Great Smile’s Impact on Modeling and Influencer Careers

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful fashion model or a social media influencer? For social media, you need to be relatable but aspirational for your audience, and it helps to be photo (or video-) genic.

But there is one ingredient for success that can make all the difference – a beautiful smile. Great smile makeovers and quality cosmetic dentistry can make the difference in a smile that complements a modeling or influencer career.

Not All Great Smiles Come Naturally

Some people may be born with perfectly straight teeth and a camera-ready smile. But many individuals also feel that their smile could benefit from professional cosmetic dentistry.

In many fashion shows, models may actually never choose to smile. While sometimes, a serious face is standard in these events. However, at other times, models simply choose to hide their teeth until they can get that perfect smile!

As an influencer, you need to connect to your audience, and there’s nothing better to make that connection than a bright, friendly smile.

Dr. Frawley with Shaq
Influencer / Model

Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Perfect Smiles

Cosmetic dentistry is the perfect choice for aspiring social media influencers and models who would like to excel at their chosen careers. Veneers and Invisalign are among the most popular options at Beverly Hills Dentistry right now.

Veneers for a Perfect Smile

Veneers are the best option if you’re looking for that perfect, dazzling, red-carpet-ready smile. However, to look both stunning and natural, your veneers need to be carefully designed. That’s why our team takes the time through our 7-step process to design the perfect smile for you.

We listen to your goals and customize veneers to suit your facial features and help you have the career you deserve.

Invisalign to Grow Your Career

Many people suffer from misaligned teeth, but there is an easy and convenient solution – Invisalign.

When you choose to improve your smile with Invisalign, our team will take a digital scan of your teeth to help us prepare your aligners. Scans are more accurate and far less messy than traditional molds for taking an impression of your teeth.

You will wear a series of aligners to encourage your teeth into line. As the name suggests, the aligners are invisible, allowing you to continue your daily activities with confidence. Once your aligner treatment has been finished you’ll wear retainers to keep your teeth in their new positions. Invisalign is less invasive than veneers, but it does require a long-term commitment.

Mena Massoud
Larry Hernandez and Kenia Ontiveros

What to Expect from a Smile Makeover

Which option should you choose? There is no right or wrong answer to this question. That’s why we offer a smile makeover service. What does that entail? We spend time examining your teeth and discussing your goals. Based on that, our experienced professionals will create a customized treatment plan just for you.

Would you like to use the power of your smile to grow your career? Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

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