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Dental veneers made of porcelain are placed to create gleaming smiles out of the imperfect ones almost all of us were all born with (even celebrities, for whom getting ready for those close-ups makes veneers their first step). Veneers are thin pieces of biocompatible dental porcelain bonded to natural teeth to solve a wide range of problems, including chips and cracks, teeth that are worn down, those that are too large, too small, or misshapen compared with their other teeth, somewhat crooked, have gaps between them, or are discolored in a way that does not respond to whitening.

But not every dental practice has the experience and expertise to create the veneers you need. No one can stop a general dentist from claiming she or he is a renowned specialist in cosmetic dentistry, so many of our patients come to us to fix problems with their veneers that other dentists created. Beverly Hills Dentistry is known throughout Southern California as being one of the very top experts at creating highly aesthetic and personalized veneers, as you can see from our smile gallery among the veneers that we created to give thousands of patients their new smiles.


So what can go wrong when working with a less experienced dentist? If a thorough examination has not been done, if the patient has been pressured into making quick decisions, or if the dentist is not highly skilled and aware of all the options, these mistakes could result in the patient being unhappy with the result:

  • The shade chosen for the veneers was not an exact match for the other visible teeth and the color cannot be changed once veneers are crafted.
  • Often professional whitening needs to be done in advance because veneers mimic natural teeth and are translucent, so dark or yellow teeth, including roots, may show through. This is, unfortunately, not always done.
  • The dentist utilized a discount dental lab to create the veneers, which either do not look natural or do not effectively solve the problems to be addressed.
  • The impression mold the dentist made was not perfect, so the resulting fit is not comfortable.
  • Cosmetically they look nice enough, but they change your bite in a way you don’t like.
  • Went with Lumineers when they are not candidates because their teeth were already big in the first place.
  • The way they were placed may make the area around them prone to cavities and gum infection.
  • They were not bonded and hardened correctly and are in danger of falling off.
  • An inferior material was used for the veneers.

If you are unhappy with your veneers for any reason, come have them remade and redone at Beverly Hills Dentistry. We can create the veneers that will give you the perfect smile you envisioned.

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