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Everyone knows that a beautiful smile is one of the keys to enhance one’s opportunity to be successful, however defined. If you greet them with a full smile, you will be thought of as friendly and happy, someone others want to be around. Whether at a job interview, on a first date, or in a Zoom meeting, a lovely smile gives a positive impression of someone who is self-confident and smart.

But just because a practice claims it does cosmetic dentistry does not mean it has the training, skills, and experience to know what the right design should be for your unique perfect smile. Every set of teeth and the challenges each presents  is different and some require masters of a variety of dental solutions to create a smile that is proportionate to the face.

We Utilize the Most Advanced Technology

At Beverly Hills Dentistry, we are known for our expertise in customizing a smile makeover, which is why we receive glowing reviews for our work. One advantage we have over most other practices is the Digital Smile Design technology that enables us to present you with different options on a whole range of procedures and show you what that would look like when completed.

We also only utilize a top dental laboratory, not a low-cost one overseas, which has highly-skilled technicians who can meet the expectations of the most demanding patients.

A Great Smile Makeover Fits Every Unique Patient

Cosmetic makeovers often start with dental veneers because most whitening solutions are not adequate to remove the inevitable results of drinking coffee, tea, and red wine or indulging in darkly colored foods like blueberries and tomatoes. Many also were born with teeth that were not as white as the patient would like or have been yellowing as a consequence of aging. Because veneers are translucent, like teeth, professional whitening that can remove up to eight shades of discoloration in an hour or two in the dental chair while you listen to music or watch a video, may be necessary in advance of placing veneers (which cannot be whitened, but are very resistant to staining).

Others need veneers, which are thin slices of dental porcelain, to cover cracks, misshapen teeth, or gaps between them. Unfortunately, too many dentists do not appreciate the complexity involved in creating and placing veneers, resulting in a range of problems, from insufficient enamel removed so the treated teeth stick out too far to using excessive cement that irritates the gums. Fortunately, we use the advanced Fontana Laser that can easily remove botched veneers done by other practices so that we can give you the gleaming smile you deserve.

Our CEREC Machine Produces Accurate Crowns

Dental crowns are also an important part of most smile makeovers because they can repair and protect teeth that have been ground down or fractured or to replace the visible part of a tooth for a dental implant. As with veneers, we will make them the exact shade of the other teeth that will show or another one of your choice. Beverly Hills Dentistry is also one of the few practices that has a CEREC machine (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Crowns), which can produce a highly accurate digital crown while you wait. 

Other procedures that can customize your goal of a perfectly personal smile can include Invisalign trays to straighten crooked smiles, and dental implants make of a biocompatible titanium to replace the roots of teeth that are missing (capped by a crown).

Call Beverly Hills Dentistry today to set an appointment for a full dental exam and to explore your options for starting on your smile makeover journey.

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