Removing No-Prep Veneers, What are My Options?

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Beverly Hills Dentistry is recognized everywhere for our smile makeovers, starting with biocompatible porcelain veneers that are the foundation for those gleaming celebrity close-ups on screens small and big.

Veneers can cover teeth too discolored to respond to any whitening procedures (porcelain is very resistant to staining), change the shape or size of teeth that don’t match their neighbors, close unsightly gaps between teeth, or protect those that have been chipped or cracked, so that no one knows your smile was ever less than perfect.

True Veneers Specialists

Unfortunately, very few dental practices are true specialists in veneers and they are often poorly designed and placed by those who lack experience and have them crafted by an overseas discount dental lab.

Quite often we need to remove veneers made by other practices and start all over because they were made of inferior composite resin and have been worn down, were not properly attached, or have allowed decay around the edges. Occasionally, patients have harmed them with bad habits like biting nails, pulling off clothing with their teeth, or eating hard or sticky foods.

No-Prep Veneers Require Less or No Enamel Removal

No-prep veneers, which are popular because they are thinner and require less enamel shaved off than other types to keep them from sticking out artificially, sometimes have not been adequately attached.

Or they may simply want either a whiter smile or a more subtle shade, but veneers cannot have their color changed, so if a preference changes, they need to be replaced.

Whatever the reason, what are your options if you need veneers removed? Beverly Hills Dentistry is one of the few veneer specialists which has a Fotona Laser, a revolutionary alternative to the normal dental drill with a bur made of metal, diamond, or some other hard material. Our laser uses two wavelengths of energy to cut into the veneer and bonding without harming the tooth underneath. This is also a much faster process than using a traditional bur. 

If you are unhappy with the veneers you have or want to explore having them for the first time as part of a cosmetic makeover, give us a call to set up a full dental exam so we can recommend your best options for your new, unique smile.

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