Summer 2022 is Here, is Your Smile Ready?

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This year’s summer is now at our doorstep, is your smile ready for a summer shine?

Professional Whitening will Help Get You There

The first thing you may need to show off a gleaming, confident, and friendly smile is a professional whitening. You’ve no doubt found those over-the-counter strips, trays, and gels take a lot of effort over 2-4 weeks and yet don’t produce very impressive results. Beverly Hills Dentistry can achieve your smile goals in just 1-2 hours, removing eight or more layers of discoloration while you relax in the chair, listening to music or watching a movie. And while we can do this so quickly because we use a dentist-grade gel that is stronger than home kits have, we provide you with more protection than they can (OTC whitening solutions can burn lips and gums, erode enamel, and result in sensitive teeth).

If you’re planning to travel, be sure to pack a soft toothbrush, a toothpaste you’ve found effective that is the proper size if you fly, and floss. You are likely to be eating out more and it’s important that after breakfast and the last snack and drink of the night you continue to brush and floss thoroughly (it’s tempting to feel you can relax good habits because you’re out to have fun). If you drink coffee, tea, red wine, colored sodas, and dark foods, you should drink water afterwards to keep them from staining your teeth.

Summer is a time for enjoying fruits like melons, peaches, and berries, as well as fruit juices, lemonade, and sugary drinks. Refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, and rice also turn into sugar, which feeds on bacteria in the mouth that produce acids which eat away at the enamel. Try to drink water ASAP after consuming sweet treats and stay hydrated because a dry mouth does not produce the saliva that fights oral bacteria. When it’s hot, it’s also tempting to chew on ice, but this can actually break teeth and dental work, so don’t do it.

Veneers are Part of the Summer Smile Makeover Too

Don’t forget that we are the premier smile design experts in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, so if you want to have a Hollywood shine to your smile, then veneers can be part of your journey too. Our 7-step process involves designing a smile that perfectly matches you and your goals.

And well before you go on vacation, be sure to have a full dental exam so that you can take care of any oral health issues and avoid having to deal with emergencies when you want to be out having fun. Get started with either a virtual consultation or call us at our number above.

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