The Hidden Truth of Veneers, They May Look Good, but are they Functional?

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Everyone in Southern California is constantly having their smiles compared with the perfect ones of celebrities on screens small and large. Few stars, however, were born those gleaming grins and many had theirs enhanced by veneers to be ready for those close-ups.

Good Veneers are Made Well and with Function in Mind

Our veneers are thin pieces of biocompatible dental porcelain that can cover chips, cracks, gaps between teeth, change misshapen teeth or make them seem larger or smaller to match neighboring ones. They are also highly popular for being above to cover discoloration that has not responded to any kind of whitening.

However, even if the veneers you see on others look good initially, they may be seriously flawed and not function well over time.

Because veneers are often the first step for a complete smile makeover and so many celebrities have been candid about having them, too many dentists claim to be specialists, even though they lack the training and experience. The result is all too often that patients realize that while they look okay initially, they fail in any number of ways.

The ones created by Beverly Hills Dentistry can last 10-15 years with proper care (such as not using them to chew on pens, fingernails, ice, and very hard or sticky foods or to pull clothes on or off). Many other practices cut their prices by using veneers made of an inferior resin material, which do not last nearly as long. They also often use discount dental labs, usually overseas, to craft them, resulting in communication problems and poor workmanship.

Problems may show up soon after placement or later, such as:

  • They fall off because too much of the enamel was shaved off in an effort to keep them from sticking out and making it obvious they are not your natural teeth. Or they may not have been bonded correctly.
  • Too little enamel was removed and the veneers look like fake teeth, rather than the smile you were born with.
  • The veneers are not designed with a shade or shape that looks natural for your face.
  • Excess cement was used that cause the gums to become inflamed.
  • The veneers were not properly placed so they irritate the gums.
  • The teeth needed to be professionally whitened in advance, since veneers are translucent and may result in discoloration showing through.
  • Your bite is affected so that a misalignment results in damage to teeth and veneers, as well as cavities and inflammation.
  • The veneers make your bite uncomfortable. 

Patients who are disappointed in the veneers created by other practices are often referred by friends to Beverly Hills Dentistry as our global reputation for being the top cosmetic makeover specialists. Whether you are one of those or are contemplating having veneers, call us today for an appointment to have a thorough examination to determine what your best options are.

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