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Almost everyone in Southern California knows about dental veneers, since so many celebrities on the large and small screens have admitted to using them to improve the smiles they were born with to prepare for those close-ups.

You may have thought about upgrading your already lovely smile to the perfect one you have longed for by having these thin pieces of dental porcelain cover discolored teeth that won’t respond to any whitening methods. Or maybe some teeth were chipped in an accident, others are misshapen, or they have gaps between them.

You can see examples of the results of how our patients’ smiles look as the expert in placing customized veneers.

The Most Sophisticated Form of Veneers

One way to keep your dental bills lower is not only practicing excellent dental hygiene but having dental insurance. Beverly Hills Dentistry is part of the network that covers members of Delta Dental, which covers 85 million Americans, one-third of the total with dental insurance. There are many plans to choose from, either as part of an employee healthcare package or as an individual.

Not Everyone May be a Candidate

Not everyone has the teeth that are ready for veneers, since they may not be strong enough or a crooked smile needs to first be corrected.

Our veneers of every kind are works of art. Beverly Hills Dentistry is known for setting the global standard for smile makeovers from veneers and dental implants to whitening and full-mouth reconstructions. 

Call the nearest office today, in Beverly Hills, we see patients from around the surrounding Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, or Westlake Village areas to have a full dental exam to discuss whether Lumineers or another style of veneers are right to start the journey to your unique perfect smile.

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